Temporary employment agreement

A temporary employment agreement is a written contract between an employee and his employer when the former is hired for temporary basis. The purpose of such agreements is primarily to safeguard the interest of non-permanent employees.

Sample Temporary Employment Agreement

Name of the Organization: ABC Industries.

Name of the employee: Miss Susan Jose

Designation: HR Manager

The following terms and conditions must be abided by the temporary employee and the employer:

  1. This agreement, under no circumstances, can be treated as an agreement for permanent employment.
  2. The employee will be paid $12000 as his monthly compensation.
  3. No statutory deductions should be registered on the payment as the employment is temporary.
  4. The temporary employee is required either to work on weekends or in odd shift as required. This extra work will be compensated accordingly.
  5. The temporary employee may be asked to work as a substitute of a permanent employee. Hence, his employment will automatically terminate when the permanent employee returns or the requirements are no longer there.
  6. He should abide by all the company policies and rules.
  7. Both the employer and the temporary employee can terminate the term of employment with a 2 day notice.

_______________                                                      _________________

Signed by:                                                                       Signed by:

Mr. G. Davis                                                                   Miss Susan Jose

(for ABC Industries)

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