Telecom Maintenance Agreement

A telecom maintenance agreement is one that is entered into by a telecom company and another party for the purpose of maintenance of telecommunication systems. The agreement helps in primarily securing the proper functioning of telecommunication systems that help in uninterrupted service and low costs at all times. The agreement provides for all the services that are included as part of the telecom maintenance agreement in a clear manner.

Sample Telecom Maintenance Agreement

The agreement of telecom maintenance is entered into between Associated Telecom Company hereafter known as the maintenance provider and M/s Escal Solutions Ltd hereafter known as the hiring company for maintenance of telecom systems available with this company.

Details of the telecom maintenance company – Associated Telecom Company, #2, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, London, NG9

Details of the hiring company – M/s Escal Solutions Ltd, #45, Stockport, Cheshire, London, SK5

Terms and conditions of telecom maintenance agreement –

  1. The maintenance company agrees to provide maintenance for all the telecommunications systems of the hiring company wherein uninterrupted service will be provided at all times.

  2. The maintenance company is offering the telecom maintenance for a period of one year which can be renewed by the hiring company accordingly.

  3. The telecom maintenance agreement is applicable with a charge of 5000 pounds of annual maintenance charge that includes providing stand-by for all telecom systems when necessary, repairs, normal maintenance and emergency upkeep as well.

  4. The maintenance of telecom systems is provided on all days of the week except on Sundays. In case of any emergency requirement where technician has to attend maintenance call on Sundays additional charges are applicable as per the tariff sheet provided by our company.

  5. The maintenance company accepts no obligation for the proper functioning of the telecom systems that have become outdated and where parts are not available for replacement.

  6. The maintenance company shall not refund the maintenance charge paid by the hiring company after a period of three months of agreement.


Signature of Associated Telecom Company ______________________________

Signature of M/s Escal Solutions Ltd _____________________________

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