Technology Partnership Agreement

A technology partnership agreement is an agreement entered between two individuals or organizations into a partnership business in order to provide technological products or services. The agreement states the agreement beginning and expiry date along with the nature of technology business and also terms and conditions to be accepted by both the parties.

Sample Technology Partnership Agreement

This Technology Partnership Agreement has been drafted and entered into on this day of 10th November 2011 between GL Technologies with its place of business located at:

23A Green Technology Building,

45 Glen High Road,

Los Angeles, North Dakota.

And Lenny Techno Solutions with its place of business located at:

45 C Tech Web Building,

32 Ross Moore Road,

Los Angeles, North Dakota.

As per the agreement both the parties will be entering into a partnership business where under the name of GL Lenny Technology with an office address:

12 High End Tower

11 Aspen Street,

Los Angeles, North Dakota.

Both the parties should agree to the following:

a)   The agreement is valid till 11th November 2013 and after that renewing the agreement is at the discretion of the partners. In case either of the parties wants to cancel the agreement before the validity date, they have to serve a notice period of one month.

b)   Under the new company, the partner companies will be developing software and provide technological solutions under the name of GL Lenny Technology.

c)   The partners can’t use any of the products of GL Lenny Technology for their individual organization.

Signature:                                                                              Signature:

Larry Flint                                                                              Jerry Singer

(On behalf of GL Technologies)                              (On behalf of Lenny Techno Solutions)



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