Technology Investment Agreement

Technology investment agreement is signed by two parties in which one is a technology investment advisory firm and the other one is a corporate or a government body. The agreement explains the terms and conditions of the work between the two parties which are mutually agreed.

Sample Technology Investment Agreement

This agreement is signed between the CLIENT and the TECHNOLOGY CONSULTANCY COMPANY on the effective date of 15th May, 2011.

The duration of the agreement would be 24 months.

The service provider company will assist the client for all kind of technology investment decisions, documentation, intellectual and other policy related matters.

Client Details

Name: Jeremy Clark, Head of Department of Technology and Innovations.

Contact Number: + 48025697356

Service Provider Details

Name: Keith Raymond (Raymond Tech consultant Ltd.)

Contact Number: +43256901752

Term and conditions of agreement

  1. The consultancy firm agrees to provide all above-mentioned services to the Client, when and as asked by them for the decided period.
  1. These consultancy services including all oral and written assistance would be completely confidential and neither side is allowed to break the privacy.
  1. Violation of above clauses will be subjected to a legal suit. That will include monetary compensation and criminal punishment as well.
  1. The Consultancy Company will receive a sum of $ 3000 as the fee of its services for the agreement period. If the department seeks any other services apart from above, mentioned than those will be charged as extra services and should be paid accordingly.


Jeremy Clark                              Keith Raymond

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