Technology Export Agreement

A technology export agreement is an agreement which is drafted between an exporter of technology and an importer of the technology. Such agreements consist of detailed of the monetary matters, terms and conditions, important dates etc…The rules and obligations are legally binding and hence important to be followed by both the involved parties.

Sample technology export agreement:

This agreement is signed between Mr. Fred Brown and Mr. Jack Frank Junior as on 5th February 2011.

Duration of agreement length: 12 months

TERMINATION date: 5th February 2012

Details of the Exporter:

Name: Mr. Fred Brown

Contact No.: 264- 333- 678

Address: 45-P, first floor, River end street, London

Details of the Importer/ purchaser:

Name: Mr. Jack Frank Junior

Address:  r-4, ground floor, Parkinson estate, Toronto

Contact No.: 594- 229- 986

Terms of Agreement to be followed by all the parties involved:

  1. The exporter will be responsible for introducing new technological products to the importer so as to attract more order.
  2. The importer will pay the pre-quoted price for each technology. The amount to be paid in advance is 60% of the entire payment due amount.
  3. The importer must make rest 40% within 10 days of receiving the order.
  4. The transport expense will be borne by the importer only.
  5. The importer has no right to return the technology details of products to the exporter if they are in perfect accordance with the agreed technology ordered by him.
  6. In a situation of non agreement, the agreement shall be terminated immediately.

Signatures of the parties:

Fred Brown

Jack Frank Junior

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