Teacher Training Agreement

A teacher training agreement is an agreement which is made between a teacher training institute and a person who wants to take up teacher training for a fixed period of time. Such agreements consist of legally binding terms and conditions.

Sample teacher training agreement

This agreement has been made effective on the date 15th July 2011

Length of agreement: 12 months

Termination of the agreement shall take place on 15th July 2012

This teacher training agreement has been made by and between Mr. Fred Raymond who is herein referred to as the trainee and Mr. Clark Dawson who is herein referred to as the trainer.


Name of institute: Dawson teacher training institute

Address of institute: D-90, second and third floor, Master tower, LA

Contact number: 489348509552

TRAINEE details:

Residential address: 45-p, third floor, Henry courtyard apartments, LA

Contact number: 483923034404

The cost of training per month: $1000

Total cost of training: $12000

The trainer agrees to provide teacher training to trainee for a year beginning from effective date of agreement.

The following are the terms and conditions of the agreement:

  • The trainer shall give the best possible training on teaching methods to the trainee keeping in mind any kind of teaching environments.
  • The trainee must be present on all 5 days of the training days in the week.
  • The trainee must have a 90%attendence to be eligible to get a training certificate.
  • The trainee can terminate the agreement in case of absence of the trainer from the training classes.


Fred Raymond

Clark Dawson

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