Sublet Agreement Template

A sub lease agreement template is the presentation of legal hire/ rental form. This document can be used directly for initiating rental deals between the owner and the lessee.

Sample Sublet Agreement Template:

Sublet Agreement Number: _________ [legal file Number]

Effective Date: ___________ [DD/ MM/ YY, on which the agreement is prepared]

This sublet mutual agreement is prepared between ________________ [name of the Land lord / agent] ______________________ [Sublessor / Original tenant] and ____________________[Sub lessee/ New Tenants].

This sublet agreement is transferred to the name of Sub lessee, for which the acknowledgement of original lease agreement is attached.

The sublet agreement is considered active from __, 20 _____ [date from which the agreement is valid] and terminating on ______, 20 _______, whereas original lease is valid from _________, to ________, 20______.

As per contractual understanding, the subtenant will be responsible to pay ________ [amount to be paid monthly] to the landlord.

In case of any violation to term & conditions the Sublet agreement template is meant to be considered cancel. [If the tenant does not pay rent properly and misuse the property].

Signature [landlord/ Agent]:                                     Signature [sublessor/ original tenant]:

______________________                                       ______________________

Place [name of the place where the agreement is prepared]:


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