Sublease Agreement Template

A sublease agreement template is a well- drafted format of a lease agreement prepared between the tenant & the subtenant.

Sample Sublease Agreement Template:

Effective Date [ MM/ DD/ YY]: _________, 20 __________.

Legal agreement file number: ____________ [a number assigned by the solicitor]

This sublease agreement is mutually agreed by the Tenant & the Subtenant, which is prepared in the presence of the solicitor and two witnesses, is a legal declaration as this will remain valid for a year.

The Tenant: ___________ [name of the person who is willing to put some portion of property on lease] and the Subtenant: __________ [name of the person, who is willing to hire the property] have understood the underneath term & conditions for the sublease agreement.

The tenant is resided inside: City: __________, State: _________, PIN: ____________. [Contact details of tenant]

The subtenant is located at: City: _________, State: _________, PIN: _____________. [Valid contact details of subtenant].

Address of property: ______________________

ZIP: ___________________________________

Monthly rental: ____________ [lease amount to be paid monthly by the subtenant].

Please Note:

(a)If any violation is found against legitimate rules from the tenant & subtenant, the agreement will be treated as vanished.

(b)Increment to rent information will be circulated to the subtenant by the tenant.

Signature of tenant: ________________

Signature of Subtenant: ____________

Authorized Solicitor: _________________ [signs of the hired solicitor]

Witness 1: ___________________

Witness 2: ___________________

Place: _______________ [ where the agreement is made]

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