Subcontractor Construction Agreement

The subcontractor construction agreement is an official document to signify the contract between a subcontractor and the Major contractor regarding any construction projects. This type of agreement mentions the terms and conditions agreed upon.

Sample Subcontractor Construction Agreement

This subcontractor construction agreement is entered on the 5th day of February, 2010.

Major Contractor, Mr. Jack Etherburgh is in need of a professional subcontractor to supervise the construction of a site and to also supply the labour and materials.

Subcontractor Mr. Daniel Hobbes agrees to provide the required materials, labour, and construction in agreement with strategy and specifications as referred to herein, upon the subsequent described property:

Owner Name: Calvin McNoughey

Owner Address: 277 / A, J. M. Boulevard, Bristol.

Lender Name: Boris Granger

Lender Address: 15, North Point Small Road, Bristol.

Payments: Major Contractor, Mr. Jack Etherburgh, agrees to pay to the Subcontractor for the fitting presentation of the Subcontractor’s work, the remuneration of 20,000$ in conformity with the terms and conditions:

Contractor’s responsibility to compensate the Subcontractor when payments are due is independent of Contractor receiving compensation from owner.

IN WITNESS HEREOF the parties have agreed to abide by this Agreement on the above mentioned date.

Subcontractor Name: Matt Cussler

Subcontractor Address: 34- B, Prinsep Road, Bristol


Subcontractor Signature

Contractor Name: David Jovi

Contractor Address: 69 / E, P. M. R. Road, Bristol


Contractor Signature

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