Subcontractor Brick Exterior Agreement

A subcontractor brick exterior agreement is a legal document between a general contractor and a subcontractor, where the subcontractor’s services are needed for the construction of a brick exterior for the outside part of a building.

Sample Subcontractor Brick Exterior Agreement

This subcontractor brick exterior agreement is made and entered between CONTRACTOR and SUBCONTRACTOR effective from the date of October 18, 2011.


Name: Mr. Cole Zinger

Contact number: 34989324829


Name: Mr. Bobby Notes

Contact number: 3490394003


837 Guadalupe, Austin, Texas


  • According to this agreement, the CONTRACTOR hereby obtains the services of the SUBCONTRACTOR who is responsible for construction and installation if a brick exterior for the building located at the address mentioned above.
  • The SUBCONTRACTOR needs to supply all the materials, tools, machinery, equipment and labour required to set up the brick exterior of the building.
  • The SUBCONTRACTOR shall follow all the rules, regulations, laws and terms and conditions while doing the brick exterior work.
  • The SUBCONTRACTOR must ensure that quality of the materials are in top condition and will also be responsible for his employees, their insurance etc.
  • The SUBCONTRACTOR must finish the work within 2 months of signing this contract.
  • If the work is not over on time, then the CONTRACTOR has the right to demand a sum for damages.
  • The CONTRACTOR shall pay the SUBCONTRACTOR a sum of $40,000 for the brick exterior work.

Both parties agree to the terms and conditions of this agreement.


Mr. Cole Zinger           Mr. Bobby Notes

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