Sub Dealership Agreement

A sub dealership agreement is an agreement when the dealer after taking the dealership of a certain product outsources the responsibility of promoting and selling the items in different territories to different sub dealers. The agreement mention the details of all the parties and various terms and conditions agreed between them.

Sample Sub Dealership Agreement

This agreement has been drafted on 20th of May 2011 between John Lee referred to as the dealer with office address at:

41 Joe Smoking Street

Lee Land, New USA 5214

And Naomi Watts referred to as the sub dealer with office address at:

1 Dominos Street,

Sin city, New Jersey 4221.

As per this agreement the dealer appoints the sub dealer to market and sell the products of the manufacturer in the State of New Jersey.

Terms and conditions:

  1. The dealer has to take the prior approval of the manufacturer before providing the rights to the sub dealer.
  2. The dealer will be responsible to provide all the promotional and related materials to the sub dealer.
  3. The sub dealer will not be directly related to the manufacturer in any case.

In agreement to the above terms and conditions find the signature of both the parties below:

Signature of the dealer:                                         Signature of the sub dealer:

John Lee                                                   Naomi Watts

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