Student Loan Agreement

A student loan agreement is a formally drafted document which is used when a student wishes to have a loan for further studies from a bank or other financial institute. These kinds of agreements consist of all those conditions based on which the loan is granted by the bank to the student.

Sample Student Loan Agreement:

This agreement is made between STUDENT and the BANK on the effective date of 3rd June of 2011.

The BANK agrees to grant the STUDENT a loan for the purpose of pursuing MBA in London.

Details of the STUDENT

Name: Mr. Jack Marshall

Address: 5—G, Markson tower, Third block, Manchester

Contact number: 427092480404

Details of the BANK

Name: Manchester Bank

Address of bank: D-78, first floor, Pearl tower, Manchester Street

Name of bank officer: Me. Fred Brown

Contact number: 473948948340

Details of home loan:

Amount: $10000

Termination date of agreement: 3rd June 2013

Effective period of loan repayment: 2 years

The STUDENT shall be pursuing MBA from London Business School starting from year 2011.

Terms and conditions to be followed by both parties:

  • The bank agrees to provide the STUDENT with a loan of the given amount for the purpose of paying the fee of the MBA school
  • The STUDENT must deposit all necessary documents with the bank after getting admission as proof
  • The BANK must be repaid the loan amount along with valid interest by the end of 2 years of the agreement.

Signatures of the parties involved:

Jack Marshall

Fred Brown

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