Strategic Alliance and Confidentiality Agreement

A strategic alliance and confidentiality agreement is a written legal document which is made between two business groups or parties on common grounds of sharing of technological information and details in a way that benefits both of them as a part of a business strategy. These agreements are confidential in nature which means that any information or knowledge that is shared amongst the parties must remain within them and must not be disclosed to a third party.

Sample Strategic Alliance and Confidentiality Agreement:

This agreement has been made effective on the date 18th May 2011 and shall remain into effect for 24 months from now onwards.

This agreement has been made by and between PARTNER 1 and PARTNER 2 with the following details:

PARTNER 1 Details:

Name: Marshall company

Company head name: Mr. Ron Marshall

Official address: 4-H, marks lane, Clintwood building, London

Contact number: 47209402494729

PARTNER 2 Details:

Name: Ronald Enterprise

Company head name: Dr. Parkinson Dawson

Official address: 56-k, first floor office, Martin’s square, London

Contact number: 4699070730333

Details of Alliance

The PARTNERS have decided to share with each other each new technological product produced so as to benefit from the efforts collectively.


  • The PARTNERS are entitled to share the technological products, softwares and business information with each other during the term of the agreement.
  • The PARTNERS must not disclose any information shared between them with any third party.
  • Any partner found to hide any information from each other would be forced to face legal implications.


Parkinson Dawson

Ron Marshall

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