Stock Sale Agreement

A stock sales agreement is an official document, which is prepared between the stock seller firm and an interested stock buyer in order to sell the available stocks. Such an agreement is based on the legitimate clauses, payment terms and type of the stock to be sold.

Sample Stock Sale Agreement:

Agreement No: 697/ SSA

Date: January 31st, 2010

This stock sales agreement is made & registered between:

Details of the stock owner firm:

Name: Eagle Stockers Pvt. Ltd

Contact number: 7989 586 6979

Hereinafter called as the Stock seller


Details of the Stock buyer:

Name: Anna Watson

Phone number: 7989 677 7989

Hereinafter called as the stock buyer party

The stock seller party is willing to sell some stock as mentioned in the clauses and the stock buyer party is interested in purchasing the stock by accepting the offered term & conditions.

This agreement is validating from February 1st, 2011.

Term & conditions:

  • The stock seller is selling the following mentioned stock to the stock buyer party:

Available stock of wooden raw material including: Furniture: tables, chairs and files holders.

  • The stock buyer party will pay an amount of $ 7979 to the stock seller for purchasing the stock.
  • Any kind of dispute before the payment can breach the agreement.

Acceptance of the Stock Sales agreement:

Singed by the Stock Seller:                     Singed by the Stock Buyer Party:

Emma McGraw                                        Anna Watson

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