Standard Real Estate Lease Agreement

The standard real estate lease agreement lays out important information binding both the landlord as well as the tenant of a particular real estate. It elaborates on the tenants’ procession clause and also lists out the amount payable to the land lord in return.

Sample Standard Real Estate Lease Agreement

This agreement is entered between Mr ______ and ________________ on the ________day of ______________month of the year 2010. The leased out real estate property is situated at the following address__________________________________________.

As decided by both parties, the lease will last for a period of ___________ years against which the tenant will pay the landlord a total amount of______________. The details of the mode and date of payment is given below


Both the parties can break the agreement by appealing to the court of law with a  month notice.

ACCEPTED THIS ____________ DAY OF ________________________20 _____,

at _______________________________________________________.

(Address, City and State)

_______________________________________________ Tenant 1 _______________________________________________
Tenant 3
Tenant 2
Landlord, Property manager or Agent

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