Standard Partnership Agreement

A standard partnership agreement is an agreement of partnership which is based upon some standard rules and obligations for the parties involved to follow. Such agreements are made between two or more than two parties when they agree to be partners in venture. Any such document is legally binding in nature.

Sample Standard Partnership Agreement:

This agreement has been entered into as on the effective date of 23rd sep 2011

This agreement has been made between Mr. Henry Benedict who is herein referred to as the partner 1 and Mr. Greg White who is herein referred to as the partner 2 in this standard partnership agreement of production of footwear products.

The details of the parties/partners are given as follows:


Address: 34-G, fifth floor, Torrent avenue, London

Contact number: 477309040303


Address: R-2, second block, marks square, London

Contact number: 4703947303030

The partners shall be responsible together for running a footwear factory in London which produces and manufactures footwear products based on designs of ‘Pearl fashion stores’

Terms and conditions:

  • Both the partners will be equally entitled to the amount earned by the factory.
  • The investment costs and other overhead charges shall also be equally borne by both the partners.
  • The PARTNER 1 will look after execution and management operations as well as staff recruitment and management aspects.
  • The PARTNER 2 shall be responsible for transportations, machinery and accounts of the factory.
  • Any violation shall lead to legal actions.

Both the parties agree to the terms:

Henry Benedict

Greg White

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