Standard Investment Agreement

Standard investment agreement is a type of agreement that define a standard form of investment agreement between two or more parties. The agreement includes duration and details of investment being done by the investor and the details of business as well. Details of the terms and conditions agreed between the parties are also mentioned in these agreements.

Sample Standard Investment Agreement

This agreement is signed between the BUSINESS OWNER and the INVESTOR FIRM on effective date of 30th March 2011.

The duration of agreement will be 18 months.

The investor firm will provide monetary investment for the business expansion. The firm will also provide its expert advice for business development.

Details of Business Owner

Name: Carl Immanuel

Contact Number: 48302576183

Business Details: the person owns a Logistic Firm.

Details of Investor

Name: Andrew Carnegie (Carnegie Investments and Consultants.)

Contact Number: 43698025765

Terms and Conditions for the agreement, decided by both sides

  1. The investor will invest in 55% of present business expansion project and will be eligible to get a share of 7% from the net profit of this project.
  2. The Owner will not hide any strategic and financial information related with this project ad to the rest of the business.
  3. None of the parties will share the business information and secrets with any outsider. Such conduct will be considered as violation of agreement. The responsible party will face a legal suit from the other side.
  4. Both sides will share any sudden fluctuations, losses and damages in business and its assets if occurred due to market ups and downs.


Carl Immanuel

Andrew Carnegie

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