Standard Equipment Lease Agreement

A standard equipment lease agreement is considered as a legal commitment prepared on the basis of certain obligations, payment terms by describing the standard equipment requirements.

Sample Standard Equipment Lease


Agreement Number: ____________

Agreement Date: ______________

Effective Agreement Date: _______20_____ valid till ______20_____

Legal Name of the Lessee Organization: __________________

Billing Address: _______________________________________

Official Contact Number: _______________________________

Company Website (if any): ______________________________

Fed Tax ID: ______________

Equipment Description:

Manufacturer          Model              Quantity        Serial Number         Description

__________          __________       ____               ___________        __________

Payment Information:

Number of payments              Advanced Payment              Lease month in Term Payment

________________                 ________________                  _______________________

Total Taxes applicable: _________

Advanced payment + Total taxes: __________

Amount to be paid:

  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Annually
  • Other

Documentation Fees: ______________________

End of lease Provision: _____________________


The equipment lease agreement is accepted by both the parties without any issue and declared valid until the lessee ends.

Lessee Signature: __________________

Title of the Authorised Person: ____________

Lessor Signature:


Title of the Authorised Person: ______________

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