Standard Consulting Agreement

Standard consulting agreement is a legal document in which a consulting agency provides services to the client in return for compensation. This agreement lays down the details of the work, amount to be paid, terms and conditions and the length of the contract.

Sample standard consulting agreement

This agreement is made effective on the given day 30’Th Dec, 2010 between the parties hereby known as CLIENT and CONSULTANT.

The consulting agreement shall remain in effect for a period of 12 months.


Name: Mr. Brad Martin

Contact number: 479380948498

Business details: owns a restaurant chain in London


Name: Mr. Hadley Mont

Contact number: 489348944896

Terms and conditions

  1. The CLIENT agrees to hire the CONSULTANT to carry out the consulting service work within the period specified.
  2. The CONSULTANT agrees to work as per discussion held between both the parties and in full accordance with the laws of the state.
  3. The CONSULTING must complete the work on time and with full dedication and best of abilities.
  4. The CLIENT must pay the CONSULTANT an amount of $500 for the project and an advance payment of $200 should be made one week before the effective date of the agreement.


Brad Martin              Hadley Mont

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