Standard Confidential Agreement

A standard confidential agreement is an agreement made and signed between the provider and the recipient. In this agreement, all the information related to the confidential material is passed by the provider to the recipient.

Sample standard confidential agreement:

This agreement is signed between the PROVIDER and the RECIPIENT on 26’Th December, 2010 and shall be effective from 1’st Jan 2011 onwards.

Details of the PROVIDER:

Name: MR. Philip Andrews

Address: 12-g, first floor, Manhattan Street, New York

Contact number: +448789798344

Details of the RECIPIENT:

Name: Mr. Greg Fan

Address: 34-t, f Block, New York

Contact Number: +448290607683

Both the parties have signed this agreement based upon the following points:

  1. The PROVIDER hereby agrees to pass all the confidential information including contact data, design, test data, product name etc to the RECIPIENT.
  2. The RECIPIENT agrees to use all the information only for the purpose of discussion and evaluation.
  3. This agreement is valid for 5 years from the effective date of contact.
  4. All the confidential information remains the property of the PROVIDER and the RECIPIENT agrees to hand over the information at the expiry of the contract.

Both the parties agree to the above mentioned points.

Philip Andrews                        Greg Fan

(Provider)                                 (Recipient)

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