Special Purpose Vehicle Agreement

A special purpose vehicle agreement is an agreement which is made when a party wishes to have a vehicle for a special purpose for a fixed period of time from the owner of the vehicle by paying him a charge which is mutually decided amongst the parties involved.

Sample special purpose vehicle agreement

This agreement has been entered into by the parties on the effective date of 28th June 2011 and shall remain into effect for 3 months from effective date.

This agreement has been made between

Paul Lawson who is herein referred to as the OWNER of the vehicle


Robert Jones who is herein referred to as the NEW OWNER of the vehicle

The following are the other details of the parties involved

Address of DONOR: A-8, first floor, Mathew corner street, Canada

Contact number of DONOR: 473457498349

Address of NEW OWNER: 3-h, sixth floor, Hander road, Canada

Contact number of NEW OWNER: 473938490444

Details of vehicle:

Name of vehicle: Toyota Boom

Model number of vehicle: S/7

This vehicle has to be used for a road trip which will last for 3 months.

Total cost: $2500


  • The OWNER of the vehicle must present the vehicle in proper working condition
  • The NEW OWNER must return the vehicle in proper condition and without any damages caused to it.
  • The NEW OWNER would have to pay for the diesel himself during the road trip

Both the parties hereby agree to the terms of the agreement:

Paul Lawson                 Robert Jones

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