Sole Distributor Agreement

A sole distributor agreement is a document which is drafted when a production company gives the rights to distribute the product manufactured by them only to one distributor. The agreement states the terms and conditions that both the parties mutually have to agree upon and the territories in which the sole distributor has to sell the products.

Sample Sole distributor agreement

This Sole Distributorship Agreement is entered on this date of 14th May 2011 by and between Easy Garments Limited referred to as the “Manufacturer” and Jack Lee referred to as the “Distributor”.

The manufacturer gives the distributor exclusive rights to promote and sell the garments manufactured by them.

Terms and conditions:

  1. The manufacturer assures that they won’t give the distribution rights to any other distributor.
  2. The distributor will be displaying the garments in their showroom located at the following address:

67 Zen Tan Road,

Arizona, Los Angeles 3456.

  1. The distributor does not have the permit to promote or sell the garments of any other manufacturer.
  2. The agreement can be terminated at any point of time if the manufacturer finds that the distributor is involved in any sort of fraudulent activity.

Signature of the sole distributor:                                                Signature of the manufacturer:

Jack Lee                                                                                        Adam Smith

(On behalf of Easy Garments Limited)

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