Solar Maintenance Agreement

A solar maintenance agreement is a formal document drafted when an individual agrees to provide solar service to another person or an organization. The details mentioned in the agreement include the type of solar services and the amount that needs to be paid to the service provider. The document also plays the role of documentary evidence.

Sample Solar Maintenance Agreement

This agreement has been formed on 12th of February 2011 between Clark Tent referred to as the service provider with office address at:

4125 Glenn High Road,

New Dakota, North York 8512

And Peter Parker referred to as the client with office address at:

5214 Rocky Street,

New Dakota, North York 8524

To check and maintain all the solar panels at the residence of the client. The residential address of the client is:

7812 Pinky Ponky Street,

New Dakota, North York 8641

Both the parties have to agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. The solar panels have to be cleaned and repaired on regular basis.
  2. The service provider will get $100 per service.

It is evident that both the parties have agreed to the terms and conditions and put their signature below:

Signature of the service provider:                                                  Signature of the client:

Clark Tent                                                          Peter parker

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