Software service agreement

A software service agreement is a legal understanding made between two parties for providing the services related to the software. The parties can be an individual or a company. Following is a software service agreement

Sample Software service agreement

Date of the Agreement – 20/10/10

Name of the company or client: – Axis Technologies

Name of the service provider: – Infomedia Solutions

Duration of the Agreement

The service agreement will start from 25/10/2010 and is valid till 25/11/10

Types of Services:

The service provider will provide the following services to the client:

–          Installing the Software.

–          Regular updates about the software.

–          Maintenance of software every fortnight.

–          In case of emergency, the service provider will look into the matter within the span of 2 hours.

–          24 X 7 help desk in case of any queries relating to the software.

Payment Terms:

  • A client should make a full payment at the time of signing the agreement.
  • Software maintenance charges will be charged separately.
  • The charges may vary in case of yearly renewal

Terms & Conditions:

  • The service will run annually starting from 25th of October 2010.
  • No party can terminate the contract without a prior notice.
  • In case of renewal, both the parties should inform 1week in advance.


Axis Technologies Name of the company

Infomedia Solutions Name of the service provider

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