Software Distributor Agreement

Software or an IT firm also needs a distributor to market and sell their products and when they enter into a deal with a distributor a software distributor agreement is drafted. The agreement, which is an important business document, lays out the terms and conditions to which both the parties need to agree.

Sample Software distributor agreement

This software distributor agreement is made on this day of 20th May 2011, between GL Technologies referred to as the software company having its administrative office located at 52 Kill Bill Road, Sin City, Los Angeles 5214 and Tech Distributors referred to as the software distributor having its administrative office located at 41 Table Top Road, Sin City, Los Angeles 5412 to arrange for buyers for the software developed by the software company.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. The distributor will get a commission for every buyer he gets. In case the software company reduces the price of the software the commission percentage of the distributor will be adjusted accordingly.
  2. The distributor ensures that he will be hiring employees with adequate software knowledge to do the distribution work.

In acceptance to the above terms and conditions, find the signatures of both the parties attached:

Signature of the software distributor:                    Signature of the software company:

Bruce Lee                                               Jack Mayo

(On behalf of Tech Distributors)                                     (On behalf of GL Technologies)

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