Software Development Agreement

Software development agreement is made between a software development company and an individual or company who want to hire a software developer’s services. The agreement lays down the conditions of business between two parties and the specification of work as well.

Sample Software Development Agreement

This agreement has been signed between the CLIENT and the SOFTWARE COMPANY on effective date of 23rd may 2011.

The duration of agreement will be 3 months and the company is expected to design the software and hand it over to the client.

The company will develop software as per the requirements of the client. The company will also provide maintenance and up gradation service for software as well.

Details of the Client

Name: Timothy Garner

Contact Number: 4872309696

Details of the Company

Name: John Varghese (Software Solutions and development services)

Contact Number: 432875069

Rules and conditions of the agreement

  1. The software development company will design needed software for the specific needs of client and will present a draft plan before commencing the work.
  2. The Client will pay a sum of $500 as fee to the company for the software development services. If any other service is needed that it has to be paid extra.
  3. The company will not transfer the c of software to the client and it will remain with the company only. In future, company will be eligible to sell the same software to any other client for the same requirement.

Signature of both the parties are given below

Timothy Garner

John Varghese

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