Software Consulting Agreement

A software consulting agreement is one in which the recruiter takes software services form a company or an individual based over a contract. This agreement mentions the length of the contract as well as all the monetary considerations.

Sample software consulting agreement

This agreement is made between CUSTOMER and the SERVICE PROVIDER.

The effective date of agreement is 31’St Dec, 2010

The services required by the customer are related to the software used in the project of his company.

Duration of work: 8 months

Details of the customer

Name: Mr. Mark Hed

Contact number: 438984094695

Details of the service provider

Name: Mr. Tim Perk

Contact number: 473948948356

Terms and conditions to be followed by both parties:

  • The service provider agrees to complete the software work on the project within the period specified and on the budget predefined.
  • The customer agrees to pay a sum of $200 in advance and $300 after the expiry of the agreement.
  • The customer agrees to provide the necessary help needed by the service provider during the length of the contract.
  • Any violation of the terms of the contract may lead to legal actions taken against the party at fault.


Mark Hed               Tim Perk

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