Software Confidentiality Agreement

A software confidentiality agreement is a legal document which is made between CLIENT and RECIPIENT and deals with the sharing of software related data between both the parties. The agreement contains the terms and conditions which bind the parties into the contract for a fixed period of time. This way the CLIENT is ensured that his information shall remain confidential.

Sample Software Confidentiality Agreement

This agreement is made effective on 28’Th Dec, 2010.

This agreement is signed between CLIENT and RECIPIENT.

Length of agreement: 3 years

Details of the CLIENT

Name: Mr. Brad Hog

Address: R-8, first floor, h district, CA

The client owns a software firm by the name of HOG solutions

Details of the RECIPIENT

Name: Mr. Henry Gibbs

Address: 3-E, F Avenue, NY

The following terms and conditions are to be followed by both the parties:

  • The client agrees to provide his software information and data, product name, technology used to the recipient for a fixed period of time which is 3 years
  • The recipient agrees to keep all the information confidential and not share it with any third party or individual.
  • In case the recipient makes any part of the information public, then he shall be faced with legal implications.
  • The client owns the software and the copyright to it.


Brad Hog          Henry Gibbs

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