Small Business Investment Agreement

Small business invest agreement is meant for accepting or allowing investors to invest their money in small business. The agreement could be also signed between the business owner and some investment company or banks for availing seed capital and further expansion capital for business.

Business Investment Agreement Template to Print

Business Investment Agreement Template to Print


Sample Small Business Investment Agreement


This agreement is signed between the BUSINESS OWNER and the INVESTOR on 15th 2011 April and the agreement will be effective from the date of 1st May 2011.

The duration of the contract will be 24 months.

The investor will provide monetary and capital investment for the business for initializing the business at small scale and for further development and progress of business.

Details of Business Owner


Name: Brandon Weitzman

Contact Number: 4302589607

Business Details: the person owns a manufacturing plant for textiles.

Details of Investor


Name: Nicholas Thomson

Contact Number: 43569017486

Terms and Conditions of the Agreement decided with mutual consent

  1. The investor will provide monetary assistance for the business development for above-mentioned period. The investor will be eligible to access all financial and other important documents related to this business.
  2. The investor will get 5% share from the net profit of given duration. Investor will not be responsible or share the loss of business but in that case, he will not get his share of profit.
  3. Either side can walk away from this contract by giving a prior notice of one month.
  4. Business related information would be kept confidential between the both sides.



Brandon Weitzman      Nicholas Thomson

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