Site Work Subcontract Agreement

A site work subcontract agreement is a legal document between a general contractor and a subcontractor, where the latter’s services are hired in order to perform site work, that is, development of the building and the property around it, like building fences around trees, laying paving for parking lots etc.

Sample Site Work Subcontract Agreement

This site work subcontract agreement is made and entered between CONTRACTOR and SUBCONTRACTOR effective from the date of October 12, 2011.


Name: Mr. Jeremy Richards

Contact number: 4395493534


Name: Mr. Misha Dimitri

Contact number: 3943432355


322 Pennyview Apts, Dallas, Texas


  • According to this agreement, the CONTRACTOR hereby agrees to obtain the services of the SUBCONTRACTOR who will provide the required labour, materials, equipment, machinery and tools for site work to the CONTRACTOR during the duration of this contract.
  • The SUBCONTRACTOR must finish the work within 6 months of signing this contract.
  • The CONTRACTOR shall pay the SUBCONTRACTOR a sum of $50,000 for the site work tasks but if the SUBCONTRACTOR cannot finish the work on time, he will have to pay for the damages because of the delay.
  • The SUBCONTRACTOR needs to follow all the state and federal rules and regulations while doing the site work for this property and also keep in mind environmental laws.
  • The SUBCONTRACTOR is responsible for maintaining the quality of the materials used for the site work.

Both parties agree to the terms and conditions of this agreement.


Mr. Jeremy Richards            Mr. Misha Dimitri

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