Siding Subcontract Agreement

A siding subcontract agreement is a legal document signed between a general contractor and a subcontractor, where the contractor seeks to hire the latter in order to aid the installation of siding boards which are used for surfacing the outside walls of a frame building.

Sample Siding Subcontract Agreement

This siding subcontract agreement is made and entered between CONTRACTOR and SUBCONTRACTOR effective from the date of October 12, 2011.


Name: Mr. Paul West

Contact number: 438593853


Name: Mr. Ian Hammers

Contact number: 4645734566


3241 Constant Drive, San Antonio, Texas


  • According to this agreement, the CONTRACTOR hereby agrees to obtain the services of the SUBCONTRACTOR for the purpose of installation of siding materials for the house mentioned above.
  • The SUBCONTRACTOR shall have to install and check for any anomalies in the siding of the building walls, besides supplying all the materials, tools, machinery and equipment required for these tasks besides supplying labour to complete these jobs.
  • The SUBCONTRACTOR needs to follow all the rules and regulations of the housing complex and maintain safety while doing the siding work.
  • The SUBCONTRACTOR is responsible for maintaining the safety of his employees or should any accident occur.
  • The SUBCONTRACTOR is responsible for maintaining the quality of the materials used for the siding work.
  • The SUBCONTRACTOR agrees to finish the work within 1 month of signing this agreement.
  • The CONTRATOR agrees to pay to the SUBCONTRACTOR a sum of $50,000 for this project.


Mr. Paul West             Mr. Ian Hammers

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