Shoe Export Agreement

A shoe export agreement is a legal document which is drafted between an exporter of shoes and a person or party who wishes to buy or purchase shoes. Such agreements consist of terms and conditions which are legally binding in nature.

Sample Shoe Export Agreement

This agreement is signed between Mr. Daniel Mathews and Mr. Jason Hudson as on 3rd July 2011

Termination date of the agreement: 3rd July 2012

Details of the EXPORTER (s):

Name: Mr. Jason Hudson (M/s Exquisite Designs)

Contact No.: 4793057050504

Address: 23-P, Second floor, Paul building, London

Details of the IMPORTER

Name: Mr. Daniel Mathews

Address: 23-K, first floor, Mark tower, LA

Contact No.: 4709357095705

The exporter agrees to sell shoes to the importer for 12 months time on contract and order basis.

The importer will make order for male as well as female shoes.

Terms of Agreement to be followed by all the parties involved:

  1. The safety of the consignment in transit is the sole responsibility of exporter.
  2. The manufacturer is paid 70% of the total amount before delivery and the rest 30% within 40 hrs of delivery.
  3. The transport expenses are to be split equally between both parties.
  4. The buyer reserves the right to decline acceptance of the order if it is not as per specifications. But valid reasons must be mentioned before declining the order.
  5. Any violation of the agreement is punishable by law.

Signatures of the parties involved in the agreement are given below:

Mr. Daniel Mathews                                                          Mr. Jason Hudson

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