Ship Management Agreement

A ship management agreement is a document drafted when an individual is hired as the manager of a ship by a shipping organization to manage all the administration and the staff of the ship. The responsibilities and salary of the ship manager is mentioned in the agreement.

Sample Ship Management Agreement

This management agreement has been entered on this day of 10th April 2011 between Horn Loud referred to as the manager and Glenn Shipping Services referred to as the client.

Personal details of Horn Loud:

Home address: 5213 High End Street,

New York, New Jersey 5212

Phone number: +41-78945621

Email id:

Personal details of Glenn Shipping Services:

Office address: 4125 Green Maurice Street,

New York, New Jersey 5287

Phone number: +41-78945794

Fax number: +41-657834234

As per the agreement:

  1. The ship manager has to keep a track of all the cargos being carried on the ship.
  2. He has to take ensure that all the crew members have a medical certificate.
  3. He has to train the crew members and supervise their efficiency.
  4. He has to issue voyage instructions.
  5. The ship manager will receive a monthly salary of $4000

In acceptance to the above conditions:

Signature of the ship manager:                                     Signature of the shipping company:

Horn Loud                                                                         Henry Cooper

(On behalf of Glenn Shipping Services)

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