Shareholders Joint Venture Agreement

A shareholder’s joint venture agreement is a legal document when two or more shareholders of a certain company enter into a joint venture. Both the parties in the agreement are stakeholders of the same company.  The parties entering into the agreement can be individuals or organizations and they have to chalk out a set of obligations in the agreement to which they have to adhere to.

Sample Shareholders Joint Venture Agreement

This shareholders joint venture agreement has been drafted and entered into on this day of 24th November 2011 between Brett Lee with contact details as:

Residential address:  45 Roger Moore Street,

New York, New Jersey.

Home   contact number: 567890

Email id:

And Henry Cooper with contact details as:

Residential address:  32 John More Street,

New York, New Jersey.

Home   contact number: 567456

Email id:

Both Brett lee and Henry Cooper, shareholders of GL Technology Limited. have decided to enter into a joint venture agreement to do share trading.

The terms and conditions agreed upon by both the parties are as follows:

  • The capital to be brought in by both the companies should be on an equal percentage.
  • Both the parties to have to face any sort of risk arising out of the business.
  • The parties need to keep each other aware before taking any business decision.
  • The joint venture agreement can be considered void if both the parties are found not taking any interest in the business and thus has to be terminated.

Signature:                                                                  Signature:

Brett Lee                                                                    Henry Cooper

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