Share Sale Agreement

A share sales agreement is an official binding document commenced between the vendor firm, who is willing to sell its shares and a share buyer by accepting the certain legitimate term & conditions.

Sample Share Sale Agreement:

Agreement number: 697/ SSA

Date: January 31st, 2011

This share sales agreement is created and entered between;

Details of the Vendor firm:

Name: Wilcox Companies Pvt. Ltd

Contact number: 6979 679 3849

Hereinafter called as the seller


Details of the share Buyer:

Name: Adam Smith

Phone number: 8900 697 7080

Hereinafter called as the buyer

Whereas the seller is willing to sell its shares to the buyer and buyer is ready to buy some shares by accepting the mentioned term & conditions

This agreement is commencing from February 1st, 2011.

Term & conditions:

  • The seller is receiving an amount of $ 69790 for 500 shares from the buyer.
  • The shares will be transferred to the buyer when the seller will receive the total payment.
  • The seller does not offer any warranty of shares as the fluctuation of monetary value is subjected to the market conditions.
  • Any kind of disagreement or mismanagement before the payment can breach the agreement.

Acceptance of the share sales agreement:

Singed by the Seller:                                         Singed by the Buyer:

Rose McNally                                                  Adam Smith


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