Share Purchase Agreement

A share purchase agreement is a legitimate commitment between the registered vendor firm and the interested purchaser, who is seeking to buy the shares by accepting the agreement term & conditions. Such an agreement is based on certain covenants and responsibilities to be obliged by both the parties.

Sample Share Purchase Agreement:

Agreement no: 6879/ SPA

Date: January 30th, 2011

This share purchase agreement is made & entered between:

Details of the Vendor firm:

Name: Amanda Group of companies Pvt. Ltd

Phone number: 6878 364 6978

Hereinafter called as the vendor party


Details of the Share Purchaser:

Name: Mr. Mathew Smith

Contact number: 6979 354 6979

Hereinafter called as the purchaser party

Together called as both the parties

The vendor party is interested in selling its shares to the purchaser party, whereas the purchaser party is agreed to the offered covenants & clauses.

This agreement is effective from January 31st, 2011.

Term & conditions:

  • The vendor party is selling its 35% shares to the purchase party by charging $ 6979.
  • The purchaser party will make the above mentioned payment on the date the agreement is commencing in front of the witnesses.
  • The purchaser party is buying the shares on his responsibilities as any fluctuation is purely subjected to the market.
  • Monetary disputes and mismanagement to the above mentioned clauses can cause the agreement termination.

Validation of the share purchase agreement:

Signature of the Vendor party                          Signature of the Purchase Party:

Kitty Perry                                                        Matthew Smith

Singed by the Witness 1:

Anna Foster

Singed by the Witness 2:

Emma Parker

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