Service Agreements

Service agreement are legitimate commitments imitated between the individual and an organization in order to utilize and hire the particular services for which the payment terms, ethical working standards and limitations are approved and entered into the service agreement. The format of the service agreement depends upon the requirement and type of the service.

A service agreement is prepared for corporate and government purposes. A formal service agreement is entered by the service provider and the purchaser of the services. To commence the agreement, it is necessary to define the service and negotiation factor in the agreement.

Type of the service Agreement:

  • Employee service agreement
  • Army service agreement
  • Personal service agreement
  • Emergency services agreement

A service agreement must include:

(a)Service agreement number and a date on which the agreement is signed.

(b)Type of the services offered.

(c) Effective date of commencing and terminating the agreement.

(d)Contact details of the provider and the renter organizations.

(e)Term & conditions, relationship clauses, limitations, renewal & termination clause and payment details of the service agreement.

(f)   Signature of the provider organization and the renter organization.

However, there is no set formula for preparing the service agreement. With the mutual understanding of the renter and the provider, service agreement can be prepared.

Sample Service Agreement

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