Service agreement template

A service agreement template is a ready to use document which is an agreement between two businesses or parties where in one person agrees to provide service to another. Following is the sample service agreement template.

Sample Service agreement template

The agreement below is made on [day] [date] [time] and is


[Insert the name of the company/party]


Telephone No:


[Insert the name of the service provider]


Telephone No:

The service provider [Insert the name of the service provider] has hereby agreed to provide services to the concerned party [Insert the name of the service provider]

Duration of the Agreement

The agreement will start from [day], [month] and [year] and will end on [day], [month] and [year]

Types of Services

The service provider will provide the following services to the client

[Mention the details of all the services]

Terms and Conditions:

–          The service will be applicable for both the parties as per the duration of the agreement provided above.

–          Both the parties have a right to terminate the service by giving a notice of [mention the time period of notice].

–          No party can break the service without providing any prior information.

Provisions of Service:

A service provider will provide service as described in the Types of services.

Payment Terms:

A party should make monthly payment to the service provider till the date agreement holds valid.


___________ Name of the company/party

___________ Name of the service provider

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