Separation and Release Agreement

A separation and release agreement is a documented contract which is signed between two parties who demand separation from each other and release of their respective belonging. The terms and conditions of this separation are bounded in the document which is to be followed by both parties without fail.

Sample Separation and Release Agreement

The agreement is bound to be legally effective as of 30th April 2011.This agreement is signed to be legitimate document between the following parties.

Details of Husband (Party 1):

Name :  Mr. Antonio Berry

Age: 42 yrs

Profession: Export- Import business

Contact No.: 49132093475

Details of the Wife (party 2):

Name: Mrs. Paula Berry

Age: 38 yrs

Profession: Designer

Contact No.: 49357761634

Details of the Marriage:

Date of the wedding: 2nd January 2001

No. of children: 0

Reason for the Separation:

Irreconcilable differences and emotional detachment.

Terms and Conditions of the separation and release:

  1. Violation of any of the following in punishable by law.
  2. The personal belongings will be split in the manner mentioned in list attached. The list has been prepared on mutual consideration.
  3. The husband is bound to pay alimonies of $10000 every month until her remarriage.
  4. The alimony should not be delayed beyond the 5th of a month and any violation will be deemed illegal.
  5. This document frees the parties of legal bound of man and wife. They may continue a friendly relation as desired.
  6. Either party shall not intervene in the other’s personal life without his/ her consent.


Mr. Antonio Berry:

Mrs. Paula Berry:

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