Separation Agreements

Separation agreements are legally processed documents which are widely used by the organization to terminate the services and layoff the employees. Such an agreement is prepared by revising the ethical working clauses of the concerned organization. Moreover, the separation agreement is also utilized as a legally enforced certificate in which a couple can separate from each other by mutually agreeing to the mentioned term and conditions.

A separation agreement format can be different as per the organization codes & conduct, where as in a couple separation agreement, the format remains standard.

Types of the Separation agreement:

  • Business separation agreement
  • Employee separation agreement
  • Couple Separation agreement, etc

The following factors must be considered while drafting a separation agreement:

(a)Agreement Number and date on which the agreement is entered.

(b)Type of the separation agreement.

(c) Mentioned the date from which the agreement is effective

(d)Contact information of the couple in divorce separation agreement and personal information of the employee along with organization details in case of a corporate separation agreement.

(e)Reason of the separation.

(f)  Mention the settlement allowances and future conditions.

(g)Signature of the both parties.

(h)Signature of the Solicitor.

In both the cases, the original separation agreement retains with the organization and the Solicitor respectively.

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