Separation agreement template

A separation agreement template is a readymade document which mentions the details regarding the equal of assets, properties, custody, support, as well as maintenance related issues during separation. If you are going through a legal divorce the separation agreement template will help you through the entire event.

Sample separation agreement template:

Agreement date (mm/dd/yy) ____________________

Name of husband (last middle first name) __________ _________ _____________

Name of wife (last middle first name) __________ ____________ ____________

Husband and wife were lawfully married on: (mention city, state, and county) ______

Custody: (In case of minors

The following children will reside with husband: (Full names) ___________________

The following children will reside with wife: (Full names) ______________

Child support (Financial help for helping child)

Husband will pay to wife (mention how many times a month) $______________

Wife will pay to husband: (also mention its frequency in months) $___________


Husband/ wife will reside at the existing home whose address is: (Mention complete address along with contact number)

The new address of husband/wife: (full address) _________________________

Expenses relating to home will be paid by: (mention husband or wife and the amount) ________

Division of personal property: (please mention husband and wife in separate columns)

Signature 1 ________________________ (husband)

Signature 2 __________________________ (wife)

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