Security Deposit Residential Room Rental Agreement

Security deposit residential room rental agreement is a document that is made between owner and tenant where the tenant pays the owner a lease. This type of an agreement demands the lessee to pay a security deposit at the starting of the lease.

Sample security deposit residential room

rental agreement:

Owner: Fredrick White

Tenant: John Ned

Address: 56 U, University Street, LA

Date: 6’Th Oct, 2010

Period of lease: 6 months starting from 1’St November

Terms and Conditions:

  1. The tenant agrees to pay a monthly rental charge of $250 and a security deposit of $100 at the starting of the lease.
  2. The tenant is responsible for the care and maintenance of the room and will be held liable to pay for any damage caused.
  3. The lessor will pay for the following facilities: electricity, gas, water and garbage collection.
  4. The security deposit will be refunded at the end of the lease if all the amenities provided are in proper shape.
  5. The lessor holds the right to inspect the premises for maintenance purposes during any time of the lease.

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