Screening Room Rental Agreement

A screening room rental agreement is an agreement signed between the owner of a screening room and the interested lessee who wants to lease the room for a defined period of time. The lessee in return pays a rental charge to the lessor for use of the screening room.

Sample Screening Room Rental Agreement:

Owner: FX media

Lessee: Showbiz Private Limited

Address of screening room: Enox Theatres, downhill road, London, 8uhy7

Date of Signing: 10’Th Oct, 2010

Period of contract: 1’st November, 2010 to 1’st January.2011

Terms and Conditions of the lease:

  • The lessee hereby agrees to pay a rental monthly charge of $450 at the 1’st of each month and within the first week to avoid late rent charges.
  • The lessee will be fully liable to pay for any damages caused to the furniture, equipments, lights and premises.
  • In case of liquor serving, the lessee must have a liquor license at all times.
  • The owner has the right to inspect the room during any time in the lease period.

The owner and lessee agree to the agreement:

Ryan Gills                                     Greg Tim

(FX media)                                    (Showbiz private limited)

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