School Franchise Agreement

A school franchise agreement is an agreement in which a School chain owner franchises one of the branches to a franchisee on the basis of certain terms and conditions. This agreement lays down the details of the parties as well as the term of the agreement.

Franchise Agreement Template

Franchise Agreement Template


Sample School Franchise Agreement

This agreement is made and signed between OWNER and FRANCHISEE.

This agreement is made effective from 29th Dec, 2010 and shall continue for a period of 24 months.

Details of the OWNER

Name: Dr. Henry Curtin

OWNER runs a school chain by the name of Convent of Mary in CA

Details of the FRANCHISEE

Name: Mr. Bill Mathew

Contact number: 474983749402

Terms and conditions to be followed by both the parties:

  • The owner agrees to franchise one school branch situated at 1-S, Hill road in West CA.
  • The Franchisee agrees to run this school branch for a period of 24 months based on the standards of discipline and teaching methods set by the institution.
  • The Franchisee shall try his best to live up to the name and reputation of Convent of Mary
  • The owner shall not have any say in the working of the school as well in matters relating to staff.
  • The terms of this agreement apply to both parties and are legally binding.


Henry Curtin                Bill Mathew



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