Sample Service Agreement

A service agreement is a formal contract of employment between two parties. An agreement can be between two parties mainly employer and employee and also between two businesses. The following is the sample service agreement:-

Sample Service Agreement:

This Agreement numbered 1742 is made on 20/10/2010 by and between Axion Infotech (the “company”) and John catering services (the “service provider”)

WHEREAS the company is in the business of Software

And the service provider is independently engaged in the business of Catering Services

The company decides to get the services provided by service provider and the service provider desires to provide the services as per terms and conditions of the agreement

Types of services provided

–          Food Service includes breakfast, lunch, evening snacks and dinner.

–          Refreshment services includes Tea, Coffee, Juice which will be provided 24 X 7

–          Special meal services include cooking a special meal at least once a week.

–          Festival meal services include cooking a special meal on festive occasions.

Duties Imposed:

–          Fees

–           Taxes

–          Licenses  and payments

–          Other duties

Terms & Conditions:

  • Service agreement is binding for both the parties for the period of one year. If a contract is renewed there might be changes in the original agreement
  • In case of conflict both the parties can break the contract with a prior notice of 1 week.
  • In case of fraudulent activities any party can break the contract without giving any prior notice.

Signed by

Axion Infotech (Company)

John Catering Services (Service Provider)



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