Sample separation agreement

A sample separation agreement is the document which provides details regarding the division of personal property, family assets, custody, spouse support, and other support issues related to separation. Separation or divorce can be a very painful affair. So the sample separation agreement will make your work a bit easier and you can use it while preparing your own draft.

Sample separation agreement:

Agreement date: 06.08.1950

Agreement prepared by: Mr. Joe Shaw

Name of husband: Jim Bradley

Name of wife: Tina Ray

Family home address: 7521, Garnett Rd. Kansas. 29414

Husband and wife were married on 08.09.1940 at St. Paul, city Kansas, Zip code 29404.

Custody and visitation:

Names of children, birth dates: Kristy Bradley born on 06.08. 1950

Names of children residing with husband: None

Names of children residing with wife: Kristy Bradley

Child support:

Husband will pay an amount of $ 2500 in each and every month till the child turns 18.

Spouse support:

Husband will pay to wife an amount of $ 1200 in each and every month.


Wife will reside in the family home.

Expenses relating to the home will be paid by: Both the wife and husband.

Husband will pay $ 500 wife will pay $ 300 for other expenses and debt payments

Other assets will be divided as it has been decided and agreed by both the parties.

Signature of the attorney ________________

Signature of husband __________________

Signature of wife _____________________

Date: 06.23.1950

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