Sample Rental Agreement

A rental agreement is a written contract calling for the user to pay the owner for the asset used .It is basically a lease wherein the asset is a tangible property .The following is a sample of a rental agreement.

Sample Rental Agreement

Landlord : Mr. Greg Hills


Tenant: Mr. William Beck.

Terms And Conditions:

  • The contract shall run on a month to month basis starting from November 1,2010.
  • The monthly rental for the property under discussion will be $1000,due and payable at the 7’th of each month.
  • The landlord has agreed to provide with the following utilities and facilities/services-electricity, gas,24 hour water supply, trash collection.
  • The tenant cannot lease or handover the property to anyone without written prior permission from the landlord.
  • The tenant would have to pay $200 to the tenant within 3 days of signing of this agreement. This amount will be refunded within 2 weeks after termination of the tenancy.

We the undersigned have agreed to the terms of the agreement:

Landlord Tenant

Greg hills

William beck

25 September 2010

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