Sample Purchase Agreement

A sample purchase agreement is an official document created between the interested organizations or entrepreneurs to initiate the purchase of good & products. Such an agreement is based on the payment clauses and term & conditions, etc.

Sample of Sample Purchase Agreement:

Agreement Registration No: 5869. SPA

Date: January 31st, 2011

This purchase agreement is prepared & entered between:

Details of the Seller organization:

Name: McNally Hardware Manufacturers Pct. Ltd

Contact number: 7989 253 6979

Hereinafter known as the seller party


Details of the Buyer Company:

Name: Mannford companies Pvt. Ltd

Phone number: 7989 353 6979

Hereinafter known as the buyer party

Whereas the purchaser party is interested in purchasing the cutting equipments from the seller party and the seller party is agreed to initiate this agreement.

This agreement is validating from February 1st, 2011.

Term & conditions:

  • The buyer party has already paid the registration fee of $ 4560 to the seller party, whereas for every order the buyer party will pay 35% money in advance and rest payment will be done after receiving the delivery.
  • The seller party will dispatch the ordered cutting equipments within the committed time along with the payment receipt.
  • Any kind of official issue and dispute may terminate this agreement before acceptance.

Acceptance of the purchase agreement:

Signed by the Seller party:                               Signature of the Buyer party:

Tina Simpson                                                  Mona Hudson

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