Sample Partnership Agreement

A sample partnership agreement is a legally processed document which is used by the two parties for initiating a new partnership. This document is based on the contact information of both the parties, partnership bindings and covenants.

Sample Partnership agreement:

Agreement Number: 567/ KL

This partnership agreement is made and entered on November 20th, 2010, between Party Name: Sara Sales Companies Pvt. Ltd, located at: Office No: 56/ L, Industrial Area, New York, America, hereinafter referred as “Party 1” And, Party Name: Eva Marketing Group of Industries, located at: Plot No: 789, Para Road, Near Bakers Street, New York, America, hereinafter referred as party 2 for the business of Sales & Marketing.

This agreement is ending on November 20th, 2011.

Hereby, the following mentioned are the partnership agreement clauses for both the parties:


The party 1 and party 2 will share the partnership of 50% on every expense and profit.


Both the parties will take every decision together, where as the administration and accounts documents will be reviewed normally. All the products, materials and goods will be decided mutually.


Both the parties are not allowed to share or disclose any internal information to the third party.


The cancellation of the agreement will depend upon the conduct of both the parties as any violation occurred to the above covenants may lead to the 50% settlement allowance to the alleging party.

Hence, both the parties are requested to validate the agreement:

Singed by the concerned party 1:

Sara Smith

Signature of the Party 2:

David Hamilton

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