Sample License Agreement

Sample license agreement is made between a person who owns patent right of a product and another person/company who want to take license to use that product. The agreement lays down the conditions of using the license and other related issues.

Sample License Agreement

This agreement is made between the Product Owner and the User Company on 25th July 2011 and it will be effective from 10th August 2011.

The duration for agreement for using the license for the product “Game Star Software” would be 24 months.

The agreement makes the user eligible to use the product brand name and can distribute it in northern territory with the company title along with his own logo to promote his distribution and marketing agency.

Details of Product Owner

Name: Jerome Cartier

Contact Number: 49823046751

Business Details:  person owns a computer games development company.

Details of License User

Name: Edward Atkins

Contact Number: 4325876109

Business Details: Person runs a marketing firm for computer applications.

Terms and Conditions of the agreement

  1. The license will not be used for any other gaming software or application of company. The user cannot make any such claim anywhere that he owns or has created the game.
  2. The user will pay a sum of $ 700 each year as license fee. Before initiating the agreement and license, user need to deposit 1/4th amount in advance.
  3. This license is for northern territory only, therefore, it will not be used in any other regions with out permission of company.


Jerome Cartier            Edward Atkins

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